Temporary Interiors

reading lights on an angle

With a few bare pieces of furniture I’ve had a lovely home for the past three months. I had done little to make it my own place, rearranged the furniture once after a month or so. This was my comfortable seat for relaxing. Since the place was quite dark when I got there, I placed these two lamps on the wall behind my relaxing chair. It looks as if there had been a bookshelf before where the wall held four plugs, two above two others (you can still see the lower ones). The light also has two holes to hang it, but they are next to each other. Just one of the available plugs fitted the lights, hence their angle.

I could have easily taken my drill from the studio, where I keep my tools, but I didn’t. I think I just couldn’t be bothered since it was only my home for a short while anyway. I improvised my interior with whatever was around rather than consciously and actively constructing and collecting it into an interior I really wanted.


It was fun to talk to one of my colleagues who had moved apartments simultaneously, but who moved in together with his girlfriend and plans to stay there for at least a few years. He now finds great pleasure in fixing small things in the house properly, buying the right tools for each job. Tools and fixes that last long and look good. He told me that he never really bothered before either, when he still lived in the


Do we take care of our surroundings when we know they don’t last, and what about our friendships, jobs and so on. And should we? How would responsibilities shift if we move from own to use? How does the role of governments change and what opportunities for businesses arise in such a context?

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