spice it up

I missed my spices

I’m still looking for a way to get a healthy diet into my new lifestyle. Since I’m working long days and have to travel quite a bit to get home afterwards, I’ve been eating at work or on the train a lot. We only have a small oven and a microwave to warm things up so dinner often comes down to some takeaway, pizza or microwave meal. When I do cook at home, I am glad to have my spices and sauces in place to turn some fresh ingredients into a decent dinner. Initially I didn’t bring my stock with me, and I was forced to buy all ingredients for each meal, decreasing complexity and diminishing improvisation.

I wonder to what extent these issues relate to my lack of time more than to the fact that I move around, or that those are intrinsically connected. But I do know that I have to find a new rhythm in my diet, and that it takes some effort to keep it healthy.

this is how it should be, and now luckily is.

Having a properly stocked place to cook might be an important part of a home, at least to me. I do not only value good food, which I could get anywhere (if I had the money), but I find the process of preparing it enjoyable. So far I did not have to take any kitchen equipment with me. I left most of it in the kitchen that I return to every week to cook and have dinner with friends. Transportation of food stock and spices is an issue I still need to resolve however, containers easily open and spill.

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